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Murph Ball

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Product Description

Introducing the Murph Ball: More Fun for Pup and Playmate!


Say goodbye to boring fetch and hello to hours of tail-wagging excitement with the Murph Ball! This innovative dog toy combines the classic fun of a tennis ball with a super-grippy navy webbing handle, making playtime a blast for both you and your furry friend.



Why dogs love the Murph Ball:

Easy to grab and shake: The comfy webbing handle is the perfect size for doggy paws, encouraging natural retrieving instincts.

Tug-of-war ready: The sturdy handle makes tug-of-war even more fun, strengthening your bond with your pup.

Tennis ball fun: The familiar tennis ball core provides all the bouncing and chasing action dogs love.

Safe and gentle: Made with high-quality materials, the Murph Ball is gentle on teeth and gums.



Why you'll love the Murph Ball:

More playtime: The handle makes throwing farther and easier, extending playtime and giving your arm a break.

No slobbery tennis balls: Grab the handle, not the ball itself, keeping your hands clean and dry.

Durable and long-lasting: Built to withstand even the most enthusiastic players, the Murph Ball will be a playtime favorite for years to come.

Named after a true dog lover: The Murph Ball is a tribute to the playful spirit of Murphy, the dog who inspired its creation.



Available in one size, with an 8-inch strap, the Murph Ball is perfect for dogs of all sizes who love to fetch and play.



Order your Murph Ball today and get ready for endless hours of fun with your furry best friend!